Line 6 Finaly Releases GearBox for their POD X3! – Review

Well folks, today was the day! The long awaited arrival of the GearBox update for my POD X3. While I have enjoyed this Line 6 for three months without this graphical interface, I can truly say it was worth the wait. I find the X3 easy enough to adjust and the overall navigation is logical. I must admit however, today I really enjoyed having full control over my Line 6 POD X3 with the click of a mouse. I played for several hours today and so far I can say GearBox seems to be working smoothly with the POD X3. Line 6 has been threatening this release for months, and now its finally here.

All in all the line 6 POD X3 delivers as advertised. Critics will call on the digital sound but for the most part it’a clean sounding unit that delivers more options than most will ever need. With the ability to setup dual streams, with different rigs, you can achieve sonic creativity for hours without getting bored. While I am a fan of the analog pedals as well, I would recommend this POD X3 to anyone who is looking for a versatile unit that works well with an amp, headphones or a computer. I run mine with Sonar Pro 6 Studio and it works flawlessly. I am able to play along with tracks, feeding into an armed track, and there is no clipping or latency.

The Line 6 Monkey provides update and compatibility information about your POD X3, and related Line 6 software.When you select one of the preset tones in the Line 6 tone bank, you then see a screen showing all of the effects and amp settings. This allows for easy customization while using your POD with a computer. While I do use my POD with two older amps I would say I use it about the same amount of time with my computer and some Sony noise canceling headphones. I tend to experiment more when I am able to use this GearBox interface. When I find something I like, I save it as a preset for later use with my Peavey amplifiers. Only you can decide if the digital sound of the POD X3 is worth the $399 price tag. The amp modeling and effects that this POD X3 provides is more than enough for me and I feel it sounds pretty decent. I can say I have been happy with my purchase and the POD X3 gets more use than my anlog pedals. A test drive at Guitar Center is not going to show you all that this little POD will do, but it will give you a taste. Give one a try!
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