1967 VOX CLYDE McCOY Picture Wah

In the late 80’s I was lucky enough to happen across an old VOX Wah pedal. I traded a Morley Hendrix Volume Wah for it, only to find out later that my VOX had two broken teeth on the gear. I didn’t really care because I like the sound better than my Morley, although part of me wondered if I had been taken in the deal.  I remember in the early 90’s asking local music stores if parts were available and having people tell me to trash it and buy a new one. So I used my VOX broken for better than 10 years before finally looking to the internet for some replacement parts. The tensioner was cracked and had been rigged with some wire, the gear still had two missing teeth and the pot was noisy and loose sounding.

A quick Google search for my VOX Wah revealed that I in fact did not get taken in my late 80’s trade. I was searching for parts for my 1967 Clyde McCoy VOX Wah pedal, which had a picture of Clyde himself on the back. I was quite surprised to learn that this pedal might very well be one of the most sought after, vintage guitar effect pedals to this day. I also learned that many of my old pedals would probably have been worth keeping as well, but that is another (not so happy) blog post. I have read that many people think this pedal is so desired because it was only made for half of a year in 1967, and this makes it rare. I can tell you, this is not why I held on to it for so many years, this is not why I traded a fairly new Morley Wah/Volume pedal back in the 80’s and this is not why this pedal was not dismantled for parts or traded in the 20+ years that I have owned it. This Wah sounds amazing and provides a gateway to grove (as many do). The sweep is just right for me and the music I like to play. I use this Wah to play Hendrix, Page, Trower and even some Godsmack songs like Temptation.I have watched several VOX Wahs sell on E-Bay, many dating to the 60’s and displaying script writing on the back. However, I have not seen very many of these original VOX Picture Wahs sell. I think I have seen a few go for around $1000 or so.  While I have thought of selling this pedal for cash to put down towards a nice Paul Reed Smith, I always change my mind.  I have replaced the potentiometer, gear, jack, battery cap and wire making this Wah a player. While I have soldered other pedals, I figured I would have this one repaired by a pro, so I had Tom Lanik replace these parts. Some people say, this was a mistake, as I have lowered the value of my vintage pedal. There is always a part of me that has to think about this, but when I plug it in and play through it, I always come to the same conclusion.  I did the right thing, as this pedal was made to play, not to sit on my shelf. I do have all of the original parts, as Tom returned everything when he sent it back.

As you can see by the pictures, the old VOX is still in pretty decent shape.  I can even make out the serial number on the foil decal SER. No. I923 (this could be a partial also). I have had people offer to buy it and even trade for nice guitars, but so far I have always had to say no.  I must admit there are a few guitars that would lure me in, but I don’t think cash would (at least for what these normally sell for) because dollars come and go. I have spent many hours with my foot rocking on this VOX, often its as though my leg is possessed by the music. Get yourself a wah if you don’t have one, then you will know what I mean.  There are several nice sounding wahs available, even picture wah re-issues.
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Click here to hear how the old VOX sounds.

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