Clyde McCoy Picture Wah Demo – Stars Spangled Banner

Last week I decided to fire up my old Vox Picture Wah and my Washburn G5-V.  I belted out this improv version of the Stars Spangled Banner.  I’ve not played with a wah pedal for quite a while so I would not say this is the best example of how the vintage VOX Wah sounds.   The old Washburn is quite screechy also, but I wanted to flash back to the 80s when I first acquired both of these pieces of equipment.   I plan on using the old wah pedal more now, as it’s too nice to keep sitting on a shelf.   If I’m not going to sell it, I might as well play it.   I’m going to try and record something that actually captures how good this vintage VOX pedal sounds.  I’ll try it out with my 1984 Roadstar II next.

Star Spangled Banner – Vintage Wah Pedal

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