Gibson Les Paul Standard from 1989 presented by Vintage-Guitar Oldenburg and Tobias Hoffmann

Vintage Guitar Oldenburg and Tobias Hoffmann present a Gibson Les Paul Standard from 1989, more infos at: The guitar shown was played through a Fender Deluxe Reverb from 1972 w. Weber speaker (12F150) and recorded with a Shure SM57 (right) and a Sennheiser 409 (left) . The backing tracks were recorded into a Line6 DL4 looper on the same instrument right before the recording of each video. We used the Vemuram Jan Ray Pedal and a Greer Amp Ghetto Stomp for overdrive sounds. Tobias Hoffmann is a award winning guitar player from cologne, germany. He combines the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Surf and some experimental stuff. Check him out:

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